Barley Pellet Cat Litter


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Barley is the fourth most grown crop in the world and one of the most widely grown crops  in Ireland, the crop grows every year and is completely sustainable. The natural enzymes in barley are natural odour cancellers making sure that the cat litter does not produce too many foul odours.

Barley is very high in starch which is highly absorbent but also clumps together when it absorbs moisture, this is what makes the cat litter clumping. The barley used for making the cat litter is purchased from local farmers in County Kildare where we are based.



How To Use

First, fill your cat’s litter box 75mm full. Place your cat’s litter box in a quiet, private spot, to ensure they use their litter box and not household plants. Scoop out used litter daily or when needed to ensure your cat stays healthy and replace with fresh pellets. Clean out the box weekly for best results.


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