What is Barley Pellets Cat Litter?

Nowadays it is possible to find a large range of products used as cat litter, and may be confusing when you have to make that decision. In this article we explain to you about the benefits of getting barley and grass pellets as Cat Litter, and why some products in the market are not the best choice not only for your cat, but also for the environment.

Types of Cat Litter

The first cat litter was made from clay, in 1947. Was an attempt by Ed Lowe to help his neighbour, because he ran out of sand (people in that time often used sand for their cats). Ed Lowe made his career selling Cat Litter, creating a few brands (if you are interested in this story you can have more fun visiting this website.

Nowadays you can find several raw materials as cat litter, such as pine, silica or recycled newspaper, but the biggest problem is in order to produce those products minerals are needed (in the case of Silica and Clay) and those minerals are extracted through mining activities. Is very well known that mining is not an eco-activity, and impact on earth is widely negative, such as excessive water consumption, leakages of mining tailings, land and air pollution to mention just a few. If you are interested on this subject we invite you to check this article.

Larkfield Barley Pellets Cat Litter

Why is necessary Cat Litter

We use cat litter for our loved cats, mostly when cats are inside our home. Nobody wants to find some poops in our shiny floor, or in that carpet that we were keeping safe from stains. So we use small boxes for them and inside we put the product that we bought in our favourite pet shop or through a cool website such as larkfield.com. But the most important attributes that you can find in a Cat Litter is the highly absorbency and clump. Larkfield All Natural Cat Litter, made of Barley or Grass, has these attributes and also is Flushable (you can throw the pellets’s clumps into the toilet), Chemical Free (no chemical used in the process), biodegradable, and made in Ireland.

Why Barley Pellets Cat Litter is the best choice 

Barley is the fourth most largely grown crop in the world and one of the most widely grown crops in Ireland. They grow 2-row spring barley varieties in Counties Kildare, Wexford, Wicklow, Carlow, Laois, Tipperary, Offaly and Kilkenny to world-class agronomy standards.

The natural enzymes in the Barley are perfectly suited to odour elimination naturally without any chemicals and allows you to get an eco-friendly product for your cat, 100% organic and biodegradable, so that it means that you are not only taking care of your cat but also the environment. 

If you get a bucket of Larkfield all Natural Cat Litter, you are helping and promoting the local economy. Barley and grass used in the process is bought from local farmers in Kildare, so when you are buying these products you are supporting many local farmers and products made in Ireland. 

If you are interested in the process you can find more information in our website.

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